Lunchzeit is a GDPR-compliant software as a service (SaaS) solution. We charge a monthly fee based on the number of your employees and a small set up fee. Benefit from our three-months pilot phase, which is included in each of our 12-months contracts.

Lunch Lottery
at a fixed monthly amount
from € 49/ month
  • Lottery every Monday (always two people)
  • Meet virtually or in person; time and place determined by matched people
  • Employees register themselves with their work e-mail address
  • Individual departments and interests, incl. your logo
  • Multiple locations easily possible
  • Extensive statistics; monthly e-mail summary
  • Can be integrated into the intranet
  • Four-language app (DE, EN, FR, IT)
  • Hosting in Germany

Advantages of using Lunchzeit

Remove silo thinking

Exchange knowledge and improve communication

Retain employees long-term

Accelerate onboarding

Increase satisfaction & productivity

Foster innovation

Is Lunchzeit the right tool for your company?

Contact us for a no-obligation web demo and we will discuss how Lunchzeit can help you achieve your goals.