How it works

Better connected employees

The Lunchzeit platform connects employees across departments and functions for lunch, coffee and events. Either for personal or remote meetups. Strengthen networks, promote innovation, improve communication.

As individual as your company

We have learned in the past years that no two companies are alike. That is why we always adjust Lunchzeit according to your wishes and requirements.

Lunch Lottery

The Lunchzeit algorithm connects your employees as diverse as possible every week, even taking common interests into account. Access via web app with any browser and device.

Lunchzeit Statistics

The admin dashboard shows you all important key figures every month and you can update important data yourself at any time.

Lunch Lottery

If you already offer an analog lottery in your company or have always wanted to try a lunch lottery, our digital lottery is the right solution for you. Every Wednesday, Lunchzeit asks your employees by email whether they would like to take part in the next lottery. The drawing and notification is then conveniently carried out by email. The matched employees decide when and where they meet.

All data at a glance

No matter which product you choose, you always have all the data at a glance. You specify users who should be given admin rights. They can then access our dashboard. Every month they can see how many users are registered, how many meetings have been drawn, and much more. They can also maintain information about your company independently.

It's easy to get started

In three steps to more satisfied and more effective employees


Use the first three months to pilot Lunchzeit in your company and then decide. Meet new colleagues now!


Advertise the networking tool within the company and foster a culture of knowledge sharing. We support you in this!


Experience new things, find mentors, deepen relationships and feel more connected to the company. Multiplier effect in digital change!

Scientific studies


Project Aristoteles
"The most productive employees tend to form large networks through changing lunch partners."


Study 2015
"When employees feel comfortable and connected, they are sick half as often, six times less absent, nine times more loyal, 31% more productive and 55% more creative."

Caitlin Porter

University of Purdue
“Our research has shown that when employees feel well connected, the likelihood of switching is reduced by 140 percent. Giving employees the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues could help them stay with them longer."

Learn more

Feel free to contact us and we will see together how Lunchzeit can support your company goals.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions for you. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You promote the internal exchange of knowledge beyond existing departmental boundaries. Recently published studies show that well-connected employees generally feel more comfortable and their chances of changing jobs decrease by 140%. But your company also saves costs because redundant work can be prevented by the improved knowledge transfer. Your new employees will love lunch time because it significantly speeds up and simplifies their onboarding. We will also provide you with valuable statistics so that you can see which departments are already exchanging ideas and where there is still some catching up to do.

There is almost no effort on your side. As soon as you are a member of Lunchzeit, you only have to tell your employees that they can access Lunchzeit via their browser or mobile app. For the internal promotion you can use e.g. newsletters, posters, info sessions, etc. Of course we are happy to support you!

Your employees can use the web interface from any browser. A business email address is required for registration. In this way we can validate that only employees from your company register. As soon as the email address is confirmed, your employees can create profiles and start with the internal networks.

Lunchzeit can be used via any browser. All you need for the sign up is a professional email address. After the user profile has been created, our application asks every Wednesday by email whether you want to take part in the lottery. The drawing will then take place next Monday.

The security of the data is very important to us. That is why we only host on servers in Germany. We use an HTTPS protocol and do not share data with third parties. Our app works completely independently of your IT infrastructure and does not have to be connected to your systems. If you are interested in an on-premise solution, please contact us.