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Benefits for companies

With Lunchzeit, your employees connect fast and straightforward. And without any effort for you! Because Lunchzeit works autarkic and therefore completely independent from your existing IT infrastructure.

Sign up, create a profil, start networking. It couldn’t be easier or faster!

Improve retention & reduce likelihood of turnover

Make on-boarding easier & faster

Maximize knowledge exchange & communication

Support Innovation

Increase employee happiness & boost productivity

Break silos

From 49 €/month
  • Cloud based
  • Employee self-sign-up
  • Individual departments
  • Cross office locations
  • Unlimited users
  • Data Insights
  • Integrate into Intranet
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From 290 €/month
  • Cloud based
  • Web & Mobile App
  • Employee self-sign-up
  • Appearance Customization
  • Individual departments
  • Cross office locations
  • Configurable lottery
  • Group events
  • Ad-hoc lunches
  • Unlimited users
  • Data Insights
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Fair & flexible: You can use the first three months to pilot Lunchzeit in your company.


All you need to do is promoting the app to your employees. We’re happy to support you!


Your employees have an informal exchange during lunch, find mentors and foster existing relationships.

“Google found the most productive employees tend to build larger networks by rotating dining companions.”
Google ENProject Aristotle
“When an employee feels happy and connected, he is twice less sick, 6 times less absent, 9 times more loyal, 31% more productive and 55% more creative.”
Gallup ENStudy 2015
“Overall, the research revealed that getting co-workers to network with each other reduces the likelihood of turnover by 140 percent. So giving people the opportunity to build their relationships could help with retention.”
Caitlin Porter ENPurdue University

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What are the advantages of using Lunchzeit in the company?

You break silos and foster internal knowledge exchange. Recent studies also showed that the likelihood of turnover will be reduced by 140% if employees feel well connected. Your company actually saves money because redundant work can be prevented. Also, new employees will love Lunchzeit because it makes on-boarding much faster. We will furthermore provide statistics in the future so that you can see which departments are already well connected and which departments are maybe more isolated.

What does the company have to do?

You don‘t need to do very much. After becoming a customer it‘s important to advertise Lunchzeit internally so that as much employees as possible install and use the app. You could write emails to everyone, hang posters or hold an info session.

How can employees sign up for Lunchzeit?

Employees can either use the web version with any browser or they install the free version for iOS or Android on their smartphones. Then they sign up using their professional email address which will be validated by us to secure that just employees from your company have access. Once the address is confirmed the users can create their profiles and start searching for colleagues.

Which features does the Lunchzeit app have?

Lunchzeit can be used with mobile apps for iOS or Android as well as internet browsers. Currently, we are offering different features so that as many employees as possible sign up:
– Lunch Lottery (one, two or four times per month – you decide) to randomly connect two employees
– Ad hoc meetings to meet colleagues instantly and randomly
– Events for group activities (lunch, after-work, etc.)
– People search to network with other people specifically

What can you tell me in regards to data security?

Our servers are located in Europe and we take care of data security. We use a HTTPS protocol and do not share any of your data with anyone. Besides that there is no connection to any interface in your company. If you are interested in using an on-premise solution write us a message.

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